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When we talk about bedding sizes, there are a lot of different mattress dimensions. Getting the right bedding size for your bed can be somewhat tricky, but we are here to help you determine how to pick the right size and how mattress sizes differ from country to country.

It is important that you are aware of what country you live in, since sizes & measurements are very different for US, Europe, etc. Be sure to check the standard bed sizing for your country before making a purchase on any products that depend on bed size. Royal Beddings support and provide beddings related to countries and cities located in the US at the moment, so, for now, we will focus on bedding measurements & sizes related to that area.

When buying products from our website, keep in mind that we only provide sizes & measurements for our products based on universal US standards. Our beddings and covers can be found in our webshop.

North and South America have somewhat different bed sizes, but based on our experience and on customer feedback, there are not any significant differences that would require special sizes for both areas. On our site, we provide universal bedding sizes that would fit on any US standard-sized bed. We will provide all sizes(based on duvet size) that can be found on Royal Beddings:


Twin Size: Twin bed is either of a pair of matching single beds ready to be joined to another twin bed to create twin beds. This size is suitable for 4.0/4.5 Feet bed.

Full Size: Full bed usually is termed as a bed that has enough room for two people at least, and it is bigger than the twin beds. This size is suitable for 4.5/5.0 Feet bed.

Queen Size: Queen bed, on the other hand, is larger than the full-size bed. There is enough room for more than 2 people. People usually buy queen-sized beds more than the full-size or twin-size one, since queen-sized bed provides more comfort and room for a person to sleep in. This size is suitable for 5.0/6.0 Feet bed.

King Size: King size is one of the largest sizes you can find for your bed in the US, and a king-sized bed is slightly bigger than the queen-sized bed. This size is suitable for a 6.5/7.5 Feet bed.

Super King Size: Provides the largest dimension for your bed. This size is suitable for 7.25/7.5 Feet bed.

We recommend taking a look at the US bed size chart for more information about US sizes and see some helpful graphics on mattresses and bed sizes.

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