Cotton sheets vs microfiber sheets

Cotton Sheets Vs Microfiber Sheets | Who Wins?

Sheets are one of the most-selling bedding items you can find, and we all use them. They play an important role in our sleep and rest, and if the sheets aren’t comfortable, then this is not something we want. So to answer the question on which type of sheets performs better and to see the comparison of cotton sheets vs microfiber sheets, and to understand what would be the best choice.

When buying sheets, it is important to know more about the thread count and weaves, since these are some of the factors that determine its quality. But to keep things simple, we will focus on the materials, and why cotton is so popular among beddings, and how good is a microfiber and what it represents.

To get started, we will analyze both materials, and determine the differences between cotton sheets vs microfiber sheets, and understand what would be a better investment!

Cotton Sheets

We’ve all heard of cotton and cotton sheets. In general, cotton sheets are the most widespread type of sheets around the globe. You can find them everywhere and we can say that they are almost represented as a “holy grail” of sheets.

So what makes the cotton sheets so good and desirable to buy? For starters, cotton is a very soft and breathable material, and the same applies to beddings made out of cotton. The air circulation is one of the biggest advantages from this material, and you don’t have to worry about not having your skin breathe during the night, and worrying about irritations or unpleasant scent from the fabric since this is not the case with cotton sheets.

On the market, you can find 100% pure organic cotton sheets, and cotton sheets mixed with some other materials, polyester for example. We highly recommend using 100% cotton sheets if you have skin allergies on synthetic materials.

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The quality of cotton sheets is determined by the length of the fiber staples, which are woven together. The cotton of the highest quality is called Egyptian Cotton, which has the longest fiber staples, and this is something we consider as high-end and luxurious bedding. Prices for this type of cotton can go quite high, and of course, there are cheaper alternatives like American Upland and Pima which are considered as mid-ranged priced cotton sheets.

Like we said earlier, thread count and weaving is an important factor when buying any type of sheet, since this is something that affects the quality and price. Cotton sheets come in a few varieties of weaves like sateen, percale, and jersey. They all have different properties and feel slightly different.

All in all, every type of cotton sheet will feel comfortable on the touch.

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Cotton Washing & Maintenance

Maintaining cotton sheets is very easy to do. They are easy to launder and wash in the commercial washing machine. Removing heavy stains and dirt will not be a problem.

Drying is recommended on open-air and sun since a drying machine might cause tears and color fading, and make the fibers weaker. If you still decide to use a dryer, then we highly suggest using a low-temperature setting, since this would be the safest option.

Microfiber sheets

Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber is made from very thin and fine woven fibers, which then create a comfortable, smooth and light fabric. Microfiber sheets are defined by their thickness, which must be measured 1 denier in diameter. If not, then it is not considered as a microfiber.

Microfiber sheets are made from a number of synthetic materials, combined into one. This may include polyester, wood pulp, and nylon polymers.

Like most of the synthetic materials, it is not prone to shrinkage and wrinkling during washing, which makes it very durable, even more durable than cotton. They are woven in a sateen or percale weave, so if a weave is tighter and thicker, the more durable the sheet will be.

Higher-quality microfiber sheets have fewer problems with breathability, moisture, and airflow. Even with such a thin textile like microfiber, the fabric will most likely be smooth and water-resistant.

This durable material is something you will find more attractive to your budget since this is a synthetic material.

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Microfiber Washing & Maintenance

Microfiber is easy to wash and clean, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. They can be washed on any cycle, but we highly recommend reading a care label on microfiber sheets you want to use, before moving on to the cleaning process.

This type of material is less-likely to shink during washing, and this is also valid for tears and damages that might occur during washing.

On the other hand, it might be difficult to remove heavy stains like oil and grease from this fabric, since microfiber has high absorption and more static.

Cotton Sheets Vs Microfiber Sheets

So what would be a better choice between cotton sheets vs microfiber sheets? We can say for sure that it solely depends on the consumer since there are a few factors that we need to consider. For starters, we do not recommend buying synthetic bedding materials like microfiber if you have allergies on polyester and similar synthetic materials.

In terms of comfort and softness, cotton sheets have the advantage here, especially high-end cotton sheets made from Egyptian cotton.

When we speak of durability, microfiber is the winner here, since it is not prone to tears, wrinkling, and shrinkage like cotton. You can have microfiber sheets for years without experiencing any damages or discoloration. Polyester and similar synthetic materials have great durability.

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Depending on seasons and how warm it is, cotton sheets have better airflow and breathability properties, which makes them a great choice for a warm climate. On the other hand, microfiber is better suited for colder weather, since it is prone to trap heat.

In terms of washing and maintenance, this would be a win-win situation, since both cotton and microfiber are very easy to wash, launder and dry.

As you can see, cotton and microfiber have their positives and negatives which some consumers might find useful, and some not. The choice between cotton sheets vs microfiber sheets is absolutely individual, and we believe after you get a good understanding of both types of sheets, you will be able to determine what is right for you and make a good purchase!

Final Verdict

Let us know what you think in the comment section down below, and share your thoughts with us about cotton sheets vs microfiber sheets, and which one do you find the most attractive.

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