Dust mite resistant sheets

Dust Mite Resistant Sheets

House dust mite is something to be found everywhere, in every house. It is impossible to completely eradicate dust mite from your life, but there are ways to reduce the amount and keep your home dust-free as much as possible. Keeping your bedroom is equally important since dust mite resistant sheets will also provide additional benefits, especially for people with allergic reactions.

Allergens and dust mite only become a problem when you are not spending enough time and effort in efficiently cleaning your home by doing regular dusting, vacuuming, etc. They might even make some people sick. To keep the allergens off in the bedroom, we suggest investing money in sheets that are dust mite resistant, which will ensure quality sleep for people with strong reactions to such allergens.

But before investing time and money into buying such sheets and beddings, make sure that you have a diagnosed allergy before taking serious measures. The last thing you want is to buy a completely new pair of sheets, covers, and pillowcases for the whole house, just to find out that the problem is still around.

Should I Worry About Dust Mite?

Mites tend to live in warm areas and climates. They cause allergic reactions in higher concentrations and proven by some studies, about two-thirds of Americans are allergic to dust mite. Some easy to spot symptoms are scratchy eyes, sniffles, sinus headaches, red eyes, etc. These are some obvious symptoms, but there are a lot more things that might occur, but this solely depends on the individual.

Other than that, it is most likely that allergic reactions won’t go further and advance. For people experiencing problems with breathing or heavy coughing, we highly suggest that you pay a visit to your allergist and take an allergy test.

To keep yourself protected from dust mite, invest time in regular maintenance of your bedroom and other areas of your house or apartment. Doing regular maintenance by following a certain schedule will drastically help you with allergies, which can oftentimes happen with children. Learn more about reading our Tips On Allergy Proof Bed Covers.

For people experiencing problems with asthma and similar allergic reactions, using dust mite resistant sheets and encasing mattresses will drastically help you reduce allergic reactions that might be caused by your beddings and bedroom in general.

In your bedroom area, the biggest concentration of dust mite is on your beddings, under your bed and on top of your furniture, like bookshelves and closets. Apparently, some studies claim that certain cleaning solutions cause allergic reactions, but with our further investigation, we found out that this is happening rarely after people were tested on cleaning chemicals and solutions. The concentration of the chemicals used for cleaning is too small to cause regular allergic reactions with most people.

Washing your beddings, sheets, and covers is a must for people who have no problem with allergies, so it is not necessary to express the importance for people with allergies. Always make sure to have a couple of sheets ready to use in storage, just in case you need to switch them up. Even plain, clean sheets will help you fight off the symptoms by removing the ones that are being used for some time.

Carpets can also make a problem for people with allergies since the fabric is often exposed, and the carpets are not very easy to clean, but also not cleaned very often. If carpets make your head spin, it is probably the best to remove them completely, since dust mite cannot live on the floor and hard surfaces.

More information on similar health symptoms can be found in this article about allergies.

Dust mite resistant sheets

The Importance Of Dust Mite Resistant Sheets

For people with mild or heavy allergic reactions, dust mite resistant sheets are something we always recommend using. As you probably know, there is more than just one type of sheet, and most widely used are fitted and flat sheets. The price range between dust mite resistant sheets and other regular sheets is not drastic, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money since their price starts from $15.

How these sheets work is fairly simple; They are made in a way that they have a tighter weave which makes it very difficult for dust mites to penetrate through the fabric. If you are looking to buy such sheets, we recommend buying from companies that are specialized in this area, and which have a decent reputation.

Most of these allergy-free sheets and beddings are made from high-quality materials such as microfiber and bamboo, or even a combination of both. They will ensure comfort, softness and provide excellent breathability properties which are especially useful during warm seasons.

As great as it sounds, if you spill heavy liquids or alcohol on such sheets, it is probably the best to throw them away, since it is not possible to completely be sure if the stain and the moist is completely gone. When the liquid penetrates through the fabric, it can cause mold to occur which might produce other unpleasantries.

But not to worry, there is a vast number of choices to pick from, so there are even great solutions for people who are not ready to spend a lot on such sheets. Keep in mind that with proper care and maintenance, you can have a pair of sheets for years to serve you well.

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How To Make Allergy-Proof Beddings

There are two main reasons to make your beddings allergy-proof. The first one is related to reduced exposure since this will reduce the number of allergens found in your beddings. The second reason is related to reproducing and it will reduce the number of dust mites that will reproduce.

Sheets, covers, and beddings are very similar when we talk about making the fabric mite-resistant. The fabric needs to be tightly woven which will reduce the traffic of allergens. For best results, we do not only recommend using dust mite resistant sheets but also consider protecting your mattress, blanket, pillows, and other beddings.

Fabrics and objects that are not often washed are not big of a problem since they do not require special maintenance. Sheets and mattresses tend to be the problem with the bed and cause allergic reactions amongst people. It is not necessary to perform dedicated mattress cleaning on a daily basis, but keep in mind that sheets are in direct contact with the skin, so this proves to be the crucial point.

As always, cleaning habits play a big role in the process. Regular cleaning and maintenance of beddings will provide health benefits and reduce allergic reactions. From our experience, doing bed maintenance once per week is more than enough for most people, but for people with heavy allergic reactions, feel free to increase the schedule. Just make sure to save some time for rest and to actually enjoy the cleanliness of your bedroom.

If you are buying pillowcases and covers for your bed, be sure to buy the ones with a zipper, since it is in your best interest to keep the pillow or the blanket completely closed so no dust can get inside. The main benefits of zipped pillowcases and covers are that they are very easy to use and close down when needed, comparing to the button closing method.

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Grey sheets and a stuffed bear

Additional Protection Against Dust Mites

Pets like cats, but especially dogs can leave animal dander and poller which can cause an allergic reaction, but it is not directly related to dust mites. Still, it is worth mentioning that there are people allergic to that without even knowing, so at least keeping your bedroom as a no-pet-zone can provide some benefits.

Like we mentioned earlier, removing carpets and carpentry can help you reduce the number of dust mites since they use these types of objects as breeding grounds. Most decorative fabrics that are just lying there and collecting dust can cause issues. It is best to either create a habit of regular maintenance or completely remove them if you do not have extra time for dedicated cleaning of decorative objects.

Upholstered furniture also is something you need to consider removing and substitute it for something else, like hardwood.

The key to keeping your place clean is in awareness of your objects that are lying around your house, and deciding what to clean on a regular basis. It is also a good idea to use a dryer at high temperatures to dry off your beddings after washing since this will ensure to kill any allergens and remove leftover dust and moist from the fabric.

This might be a bit over the top, but ironing can also prove useful in some cases. Not all bacteria and allergens die at high temperatures, but to play it safe, you can make a habit of ironing all the clothes and beddings you are using.

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Final Verdict

Let us know what you think in the comment section down below and we will be more than happy to respond. If you have any questions, also feel free to leave a question in the comment form!

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