Duvet cover vs comforter bedding

Duvet Cover Vs Comforter | Which Is Better

Sometimes you may have heard that duvets and comforters are very similar to each other, or even the same. For starters, this is not true since duvets and comforters are completely designed differently. To get a good representation of what is what, we will explain the main difference between a duvet cover vs comforter, and the blanket that goes inside the covers.

Making your bedroom nicely decorated is a big step, and there is plenty of inspiration to see on the internet and social media. What really makes your bedroom and bed stand out is the covers. Since bed takes a lot of space, there is no doubt that well-designed covers will create a huge impact on the place where you sleep.

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More importantly, we will talk about key elements of duvets and comforters, but also see what would be a better purchase. So let’s jump in and take a look at duvet cover vs comforter comparison and understand their properties.

Should I Use Duvets & Duvet Covers?


Duvets are something like base or “holy grail” of beddings. Duvet is a soft blanket that can be filled with down or organic materials like feathers and wool. It can be also filled with synthetic material, commonly known as polyester.

When we talk about the shape of a duvet, this is a smaller and flatter version of a comforter. Duvet can be used instead of a blanket and top sheet, which removes the hassle of adding many beddings to your bed. This is a time savior and you won’t spend so much time making your bed, especially if you are not a fan of it.

Duvet is designed to align and cover with your bed, so there are no hangovers on the side or even touching the floor. In essence, duvets are universal and can be used for all seasons.

Duvets are a type of insert, which means that covers and the blanket itself are sold separately. Using covers is completely optional, but we will explain in a minute why using duvet covers will benefit you in the long run.

In terms of duvet washing and cleaning, we recommend doing a dry cleaning for duvets. Dry cleaning can get expensive, especially in professional washing shops and laundry rooms, but this is the process you should undertake every few months, and not on a weekly basis.

Duvet Covers

A duvet cover is very similar to a pillowcase in its purpose and material. It provides protection for your duvet by covering it completely from all sides. It is also usually made from the same material like pillowcases, and it can be closed down with buttons or with a zipper.

Think of it as a big pillowcase, but just for your duvet. You can also cover a comforter with a duvet cover, but only if you have the appropriate size of the cover so it fits.

The main advantage of duvet covers is versatility since it can easily be changed to match your covers and other beddings. From a design aspect, this is important since you can easily change your covers based on the temperature, seasons or simply to your liking, without spending more than a minute to do it.

Duvet covers come in all sizes and patterns, and there is a huge fanbase of people who like to experiment with their covers. Having this in mind, we highly recommend visiting our webshop for more Duvet Covers & Beddings.

These covers are also very easy to wash and maintain, and you can wash them with your regular pillowcases and laundry. If you want to go more into specifics, be sure to read the label on a duvet cover to see the recommended washing settings. All covers can be washed in a regular washing machine, so no professional laundering is required.

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White comforter and a bed

What Is A Comforter?

Now when we know more about duvets and duvet covers, but also to get a better understanding of duvet cover vs comforter comparison, we will see some useful features of a comforter and when is it the right time to buy one.

Comforter & Comforter Covers

A comforter is also a popular solution to keep you warm at night. This is a large, thick blanket that is placed on top of your bed, and underneath is often combined with a flat or fitted sheet.

Comforters are usually filled with organic materials such as cotton, or synthetic ones like polyester. The type of filling also determines the price of a comforter. On the surface, you can notice the stitching and different patterns that add up to the design of a comforter.

In terms of durability, a comforter is made as a more durable piece of textile and has a larger amount of fillings compared to a duvet.

Learn more about comforter materials and how to pick The Best Material For Comforters.

Covers are also not necessary to be used with comforters, and in most cases, they are not. Comforters are commonly sold in bedding sets or bed-in-a-bag sets which provide a complete solution for your bed if you do not own anything but a frame and a mattress.

They are also commonly sold with other coordinated sheets, blanket covers, and pillowcases.

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If you decide to buy comforter covers, the same principles apply as with the duvet covers. Always double check your blanket size before buying covers. A small helpful tip is if you can’t find the exact matching cover with your blanket, you can always but a slightly larger cover and use it with no problems whatsoever. You can always fold it, or even shorten it.

Washing and maintaining comforters is simple and easy. Using a standard program on your washing machine and washing it with the rest of your covers is a completely valid option.

Duvet and duvet cover bedding

Duvet Cover Vs Comforter – What Is The Better Solution?

Now when we have information about duvets, comforters and their respective covers, let’s take a look at the differences from both sides and determine what would be a better choice between duvet cover vs comforter.

Duvet & Duvet Covers

From our point of view, duvet and duvet covers are a great solution for people who want to invest more time and effort into decorating the bedroom to their liking. Duvet covers come in all shapes and forms, which is the most versatile option on the market when we talk about beddings and the decor they create and provide.

Another main advantage would be the reduced amount of beddings you need to use if you choose to go with a duvet and a duvet cover.

Comforter & Comforter Covers

Comforter would be a better solution if you want to buy something more adequate for winter or usually for colder seasons. Comforters provide excellent thermal properties which will keep you warm at night. Using covers with comforters can be done, but it is not common.

Comforters are based on a simple and minimalistic design, with its pattern and stitching. All in all, a comforter is commonly used as is, where a duvet and duvet covers often times go together. Feel free to read check out the article called What Is A Comforter Cover Set, which explains more in detail about comforters & covers sets you can find in stores and webshops.


As you can see, making the right choice depends on your personal preference and what you find most to your liking. Let us know in the comment section down below what you think about duvets and comforters!

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