Cotton duvet covers and bedding

Full Guide On Cotton Duvet Covers

When we talk of cotton duvet covers, we get a thought of a high-end, expensive piece of bedding which is absolutely true. Cotton duvet covers are made of the highest quality because cotton provides many benefits which makes these covers an excellent choice if you are willing to spend a few extra bucks.

It is not common to buy cotton duvet covers or any cotton-based covers on a regular basis. Having cotton beddings and covers are great because of durability, comfort, and quality, and this applies to all types of cotton used in beddings. On the market, you can find beddings with different types of cotton, and the best type of cotton you can find is Egyptian cotton, with its superior quality, softness, and strength.

In essence, cotton is a soft, fluffy type of fiber that is created and structured mostly of cellulose, and this is what makes it so soft and comfortable to use, and allows it to breathe. Cotton is also eco-friendly, used in millions of textiles around the globe.

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What Makes Cotton So Special

So what makes cotton so special and how do we determine the quality of the cotton? As you already know, cotton is an organic material and every type of cotton is considered a high-quality material used for textiles. There are a few most popular types of cotton used in beddings like Percale, Sateen, and Egyptian cotton. All of them have different properties and characteristics, and buying covers based on these materials will differ from one of another.

Cotton quality depends on the length of the individual staples. If a staple is longer, the cotton will be of higher quality. This allows the fabric to be softer, smoother and with more tensile strength.

Thread count is also very important in determining the quality of cotton. Thread count is positioned horizontally and vertically, and are woven into one square inch of fabric. With high-end fabrics, more threads can be woven into one square inch, which creates and produces a finer, softer and even more flexible fabric with superior properties.

A standard type of cotton has a thread count somewhere around 150. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality of covers will be.

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Percale Cotton Duvet Covers

Percale is a spun fabric, closely woven plain-weave fabric produced from combed yarns, and is often used for covers. Percale is noticeably tighter than the standard type of weave commonly used in bed covers and sheets. The thread count of this textile is somewhere around 180-200, which gives this fabric a soft and smooth feeling, almost like silk. This textile is easy to maintain and washes very well.

Sateen Cotton Duvet Covers

Cotton sateen covers are softer than Percale cotton duvet covers. They are made of long strands of cotton fabric. Because of the satin weave structure, it has warp threads on the surface, providing a similar feel and softness like silk. The main difference between a Percale and Sateen is that Percale has a bit more crispness feel, unlike Sateen which is more smooth and has a reduced light scattering to increase the shine of the fabric. The thread count is 210-220+.

Sateen should be washed in cold water with somewhat mild detergent on a light cycle since this is a fine fabric and can get damaged if washed with heavy detergents and strong machine cycles. To dry it out, use a dryer with a cool air-dry setting.

For more information on Sateen covers & sheets, be sure to read some Frequently Asked Question On Sateen Material.

Egyptian cotton bedding

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers

Throughout history, Egyptian cotton is the king of cotton, to put it lightly. It was proven numerous times that this type of cotton is the best one you can buy, and the price is usually equivalent to quality in this case. Egyptian cotton has it all: quality, softness, strength, durability, and comfort. If you decide to buy an Egyptian cotton duvet covers or any other textile with Egyptian cotton, you will be surprised how comfortable it can be using this textile.

This type of cotton has a very long length of the fibers, which makes it possible to make the finest of yarns without making any sacrifices to the durability of the yarns. The strength properties are superior, which makes this material very durable.

Egyptian cotton covers usually come in vibrant colors, which makes them stylish and very appealing, and this is something that this type of cotton can absorb, because of its quality.

Egyptian cotton is hand-picked, which ensures the quality and purity of this material. There is no mechanical picking involved in this type of cotton.

For Egyptian cotton beddings, the thread count goes from 400, all the way up to 1000. This is high-end and top luxury fabrics and textiles, where the thread count moves from 400 all the way up to a thousand.

Final Verdict

We have mentioned 3 main types of cotton used in beddings & covers: Percale, Sateen and Egyptian cotton. All of them are considered as high-quality materials and the best ones you can find on the market. If we need to pick a winner among these three, it would definitely be Egyptian cotton which is far superior, but also more expensive than the other two.

Let us know what you think in the comment section, and feel free to leave your thoughts and share what you think about cotton duvet covers!

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