How long does it take to make your bed

How Long Does It Take To Make Your Bed?

If you are sometimes making a big mess while sleeping, you are not alone. The beddings can really turn into a mess, and it is really a sight to see in the morning. It can be bothersome to make a bed and get it done right, so I will share a couple of tips to get it done as fast as possible.

So how long does it take to make your bed? It solely depends on you! You might spend full 20 minutes to iron out the sheets, pillowcases, to adjust the mattress, beddings and everything you need to make your bed look like from those images on Pinterest.

Or you can do it the Speedy Gonzales way, and get it done in a couple of minutes, depending on how much stuff you are using for your bed.

On the other hand, a lot of us do not have that much free time, or we would use our time for something more productive. It is not necessary to spend 20 minutes or more on adjusting your bed every morning, so we will focus on getting it done as fast as possible, so you don’t have to worry about it when you come home tired from work.

How To Make Your Bed As Fast As Possible

For this process, it should not take you more than 5 minutes to get it done, I guarantee. Why spend more time on making your bed only to mess it up the next night. If you are able to get it done fast and effectively, the more free time you will have in the morning.

Here are the steps to get your bed ready in less than 5 minutes:

  1. To make your bed as fast as possible, remove everything that sits on top of your mattress, except the fitted sheet that surrounds your mattress if you are using one. That includes pillows, blankets, comforters, quilts, duvets, top sheets, and all decorative objects like small decorative pillows and such.
  2. As you already know, we all use the essential things that we need for our sleep, and there are decorative objects that are not essential. Sort out the beddings, place them on the couch or anywhere with a lot of open space so you have room to get it done. Pile 1 should contain your essential beddings,  and pile 2 should contain decorative objects and beddings.
  3. At this point, only that is left should be the sheet that surrounds the mattress. Fitted sheet is something you don’t need to shake and adjust too much since it is very elastic. Just place it firmly around your mattress and you’re good to go.
  4. Next, place your bottom or a flat sheet, depending on what you prefer. The bottom sheet is easy to adjust, just place it on top of a flat sheet and adjust the corners to they sit well on the bed. Flat sheets take a bit more effort and time to place it the right way, but if you are looking to learn how to properly handle flat sheets, I highly recommend reading my article on How To Keep Flat Sheets Tucked In, which explain in detail different effective methods you can use to keep your flat sheets in place.
  5. Some people prefer placing a top sheet on their bed, but if you are already set with the sheets at this point, then you might skip this part.
  6. Now the fun part! It is time to place your blanket you prefer using. Grab it by the two top corners, shake it a bit and place it evenly on the bed.
  7. Grab your pillows, also shake them a bit, flatten out the wrinkles and place them at the top on your bed.
  8. At this point, all your essentials should be placed on your bed. Flatten out the beddings if you have to, but all in all, you should have a nicely made bed ready for you. Move on to your decorative objects and decide what and how you are going to place these items. If you are in a hurry, I suggest removing any objects from your bed that is not necessary, since bed decorations can be time-consuming, but they also attract a lot of dust, causing allergies.

The key to having your bed ready in time is organization. If you are well-organized in making your bed, you can get it done in no time. Deciding to keep your bedroom tidy is essential, but it also uplifts the whole bedroom and leaves a good first impression if people come to your home and decide to visit you. A properly made bed leaves a great impact, but also makes your room less cluttered and neater.

White king bed

How Long Does It Take To Make Your Bed?

I always believed that making a bed should not be a complicated and time-consuming process. This is especially helpful to keep in mind if you have busy mornings and if you spend most of the day away from home.

If you are a minimalist like me, and if you only use beddings that are necessary but also easy to adjust and maintain, you can have your bed ready in 3-4 minutes. Follow the steps we mentioned earlier, take a nice, steady pace and you are all set!

Making a bed is a chore, and it is bothersome for most people. To keep the grumpy thoughts away, focus on the benefits of making a bed since it affects your bedroom, your interior design, and ultimately your sleep. Many people have told me that making their bed actually made them feel good, and it also affected their sleep routine in a positive way.

With time, you will get better at it, and making your bed will become a ritual and not a chore. Keep doing it on a regular basis, and after you experience the benefits of a nicely made bed, you will always have the motivation to spend a couple of minutes adjusting your bed right after you wake up.

Having this in mind, I highly recommend checking our webshop where you can find modern duvet covers and beddings if you are looking to freshen up your bed and add something more to it.

How can I make my bed more welcoming

How Can I Make My Bed Even More Welcoming?

Make your bed visually attractive is great, but what about washing, cleaning and maintaining the bed? This is a very important aspect of keeping your bed and bedroom neat and welcoming, so regular maintenance is a must.

I highly suggest washing all pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets at least once a week to keep everything nice and tidy. Maintaining your beddings on a regular basis will remove any stains, dirt, grime, and bacteria that might be hidden inside the covers. Regular washing also benefits your health and immune system but also keeps the allergens away.

LEARN MORE: The Right Way To House Cleaning For Allergies.

Keeping your house and beddings clean is something that will definitely take time, so this something I do not recommend throwing in when you have a busy schedule. When you have a day off, take your time and inspect your beddings and the bedroom in general, and with proper organization, you can get your beddings in order in to time.

Washing and maintaining blankets and pillows is something you don’t have to do on a weekly basis, especially if they are protected with a cover or a pillowcase. Don’t be afraid to get them cleaned every 3-4 months.

All beddings that are in direct contact with the skin is something that requires more attention and maintenance.

A mattress protector is also a good investment since mattresses can get quite expensive. A good mattress can serve us for many years, but only if we take precautions by protecting it. Having a fitted sheet over the mattress is great, but a mattress protector is a way more effective solution.

Take a look at this useful article on mattress protectors and What To Look For In A Mattress Protector, and learn more about it.

Final Verdict

To round everything up, there is definitely a way to make a bed in less than 5 minutes, but making it look beautiful and tidy. With proper organization and a little bit of practice, this is something you can achieve very fast.

Many people say that a well-made bed is a person’s reflection of how tidy they are. It also shows how much a person is paying attention to details, and does a person has the discipline to make their bed every morning right after they wake up.

For many people, making a bed is an issue, since it takes our precious time early in the morning. By following the steps we mentioned earlier, getting your bed in order does not have to be a problem. If you are willing to try it out, it can turn into a fun process that is beneficial in the long run.

Making a bed every morning has many benefits, from adding more into the interior design of the bedroom, and all the way to improving your sleep and causing a positive impact on your mind!

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