How to keep a comforter in a duvet cover

How To Keep A Comforter In A Duvet Cover

Keeping a comforter inside a duvet cover is a common problem, and happens very often when we sleep. Usually, we like to pull our duvet cover by the corners and towards our face so it keeps us warm during the night. When we do this, the comforters easily get messed up inside the duvet if there are gaps inside the cover. To solve this problem, we will learn how to keep a comforter in a duvet cover, and keeping it in place.

Since a comforter is heavier than the cover, the comforter tends to fall down towards the foot of the bed. This means that if the comforter slips, it will move downwards, and we will only have a few inches of a duvet cover to keep our upper body warm. Nobody likes that, right?

Generally speaking, a comforter easily turns into a ball of fabric when we sleep, so many people choose not to use covers for a comforter just because of this. The good news is that there are multiple solutions to keeping your comforter inside a duvet cover.

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How To Keep A Comforter In A Duvet Cover


1. Sewing

What you can do is use a shoelace or a thick string to keep a comforter in a duvet cover. First, cut a shoelace so you have two three-inch straps, and let the other two pieces of the shoelace be around ten to twelve-inch in length. The general idea is to sew the smaller pieces on the outside top two edges of the comforter and use the larger ones for the duvet cover.

After the smaller pieces are sewn to the comforter, turn your duvet cover upside down and sew two larger pieces of the shoelace to the top two corners, starting from the middle of the pieces. We are trying to bring the corners together of a comforter and a duvet.

Now, you need to bring both ends(corners of a comforter and a duvet) and wrap them in a bow. You don’t have to do this for the bottom corners.

Pull a duvet cover over the comforter and close it down. By doing this, your comforter should remain inside the duvet cover.

2. Safety Pins/Clips

This is a simpler method, and perhaps more attractive to people who do not want to mess with threads and needles. For this solution, we will use safety pins to keep our comforter in place. Safety pins can be used to hold all corners in place.

Before using them, be sure to turn your cover inside out, and then place the pins on all corners to hold a comforter and a duvet cover together. After that, simply pull a cover over a duvet and that’s it!

You can also use comforter clips which can be found in almost any bedding shop. The same principles apply for safety pins and comforter clips.

3. Comforter Grips

Comforter grips are similar to clips, but they do not “pierce” the fabric, instead, they are holding the comforter and the cover together at the edges. Open the clip, place it at the edge, and close it down. Simple as that.

If you decide to go this route, you can also look for magnetic grips, which are also a great solution.

4. Check the Cover Size

If a comforter has a lot of room inside the cover, it is obvious that the cover is too large for a comforter you are currently using. Having a large cover can cause problems every night by making the comforter fall out of place.

For that reason, take measurement of a comforter and based on those measures, buy a suitable duvet cover. If you have a cover which is in good size compared to a comforter, it won’t fall out of place easily. In essence, it should not fall out of place at all.

Just be sure to adjust the comforter well inside a cover, and shake it so it falls in place.

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5. Hair Elastic Bands

It might not be the prettiest method, but it will do the job well if you have hairbands at your disposal. You can use the bands to wrap all 4 corners and keep the comforter and the duvet cover in place.

This is a very simple and fast method, but if the bands are not tight enough around the corners, they might fall down during the night. Each morning, you will have to check if the bands and corners are in place, but all in all, this process should only take a minute.

Comforter inside a duvet cover

The Fastest Method To Keep A Comforter Inside a Duvet Cover

The fastest method would be the one related to safety clips, comforter clips/grips, and hair elastic bands. Since these methods only take a minute or two to execute, these are the fastest methods on how to keep a comforter in a duvet cover.

Using comforter clips and grips is a more efficient solution compared to hair elastic bands, but you will probably have to buy these comforter clips and grips before taking this route if you don’t have a couple of them at your disposal. Good thing is that they are affordable and only cost a couple of bucks.

What Is The Most Effective Option?

Stitching and sewing a shoelace, cord or a thick piece of string and following method #1 would be the most effective solution, but it is also the one that takes the most time to execute compared to other methods. It also can be somewhat complicated for people who are not experienced with sewing, but that is why there are alternative options for people who do not want to go that route.

Also be sure to check the size of your cover, since this plays an important role in keeping a comforter in place. Having a cover that fits just right around your comforter will ensure to keep it in place, and minimize the chances of slipping and falling out of place.

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Final Verdict

We have seen 5 effective methods on how to keep a comforter in a duvet cover, and how much time and effort it takes to make use of these methods.

For people experienced with threads and needles, I definitely recommend following the first method, but for people who do not want to spend too much time on solving this issue, using safety pins, clips, or buying comforter clips or grips will do the job just fine.

If you have a knack for sewing, and looking for an effective solution on How To Fix a Ripped Down Comforter, be sure to read more about it in this article.

Let me know in the comment section what you think about this topic, and what is your approach in keeping your comforter inside a duvet cover. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer!

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