How to tell if a mattress has been refurbished

How To Tell If A Mattress Has Been Refurbished?

Buying a refurbished mattress can be a daunting task, and a tricky one. We all want to sleep on something comfortable that will actually improve our sleep. So how to tell if a mattress has been refurbished when looking for one, and what do we need to focus on during the buying process?

Keep in mind that buying a refurbished mattress is kind of a term that scares a lot of people. After all, we are talking about a used mattress that already had a previous owner, if not more than one.

If a mattress has been properly treated, maintained, and it’s internal and external structure is in great condition, this is the type of mattress worth buying. But before determining if this is all true, it takes a bit of time and inspecting to get a hold of such information.

Taking everything into consideration, we will determine how to tell if a mattress has been refurbished, where to keep an eye out and how to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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How To Tell If A Mattress Has Been Refurbished


First, we will focus on some obvious reasons. You can determine if a mattress has been refurbished if you see visible damages and stains on the surface of the mattress. This is not something that can be sold and labeled as “new”, because a newly manufactured mattress surely does not hold such visible properties.

Seams and threads that are sticking out in large quantities, especially at the corners also show that the mattress has been used before for extended periods of time.

In some cases, some retailers add a fabric thickening, a fabric that dresses up the mattress so you are unable to see the actual condition of the fabric that surrounds the mattress.

Fabric thickening is noticeable because it provides a relatively thick layer of fabric, so compare a new mattress to the one you want to buy, and you can see that the fabric thickening causes the mattress to look bulky and uneven.

It can also be seen based on poorly made threading, since a lot of retailers who want to cover up the mattress pay minimum attention and effort to actually make the mattress consumer-friendly.

Plastic bags and wrappings are also something that many retailers use when selling refurbished mattresses. The main marketing strategy of this method is to present the condition of the mattress to be in top shape. I do not recommend buying a mattress that you are unable to see, it is like buying a cat in the sack.

Ask the salesperson to actually open the bag so you are able to inspect this refurbished mattress, and if the salesperson refuses to do that, I highly recommend staying away from such a product, since you will never know what that plastic wrapping contains before actually buying it.

The whole buying process can be much easier if already know what to expect from a good mattress. That is why I highly recommend taking a look at this article called Mattress Material Types and learn more about what materials actually make the mattress a high-quality one.

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Tags and Labels

Depending on the manufacturer and the retailer in your country, a mattress should have some information based on its properties and materials. New mattresses usually have tags and labels that provide more insight into the materials that were used for a particular mattress.

On the other hand, many refurbished mattresses do not contain such information, at least not with original tags and labels. People who buy new mattresses in most cases remove such labels.

If you find a refurbished mattress with a tag or a label that provides more information about the materials and the consistency of the mattress, be sure to compare the name of the mattress with the actual info that is displayed on the label. In many cases, this information can easily be found by simply looking it up on the internet.

The biggest and the most reliable verification you can get in determining if a mattress is new or refurbished is by simply having a conversation with the salesperson and asking him about the mattress you are interested in. If you notice that a lot of information does not add up, or if a salesperson is not providing valid or any information about the mattress at all, the best way is to move on to something else or completely avoid the retailer.


Warranty information is something you definitely need to keep an eye out. New mattresses come with a few years of warranty, which is proof that the mattress is new, durable and made from a respectable manufacturer.

Refurbished mattresses usually do not provide any type of warranty, or there is some “odd” information provided based on the topic, something like 3-4 months of warranty and such.

A very cheap mattress is often time refurbished, and most likely there is no warranty or return policy to jump in if things start to go south. If that is the case, you will probably end up spending money on a bad product that will cause more problems than good in the long run.

If a company had a return policy that is of value and helpfulness, then this means something and it gives out a certain level of trust towards this retailer. The same can be applied for warranty information.


Buying a refurbished mattress means that the price will be significantly less compared to a new mattress. If a retailer is selling refurbished mattresses by dirt cheap prices, just be careful that mattresses provided from such retailer do not originate from sources that are suspicious, or which might endanger your health.  If something is really, really cheap compared to other used mattresses that are on sale, that is a red sign and there is a high chance that something is very wrong with it.

For example, if a used mattress is on sale down half the price compared to the same new mattress, this is a good sign in terms of pricing. In essence, a mattress is not a cheap object, and even selling a refurbished one for like 80-85% cheaper based on the original price just doesn’t sound right.

Talking With A Salesperson

If a salesperson is professional, transparent but also helpful and pleasant to talk to, then this is a good sign if you are looking to buy a mattress from that company. A salesperson is someone who should be helping you out in buying a mattress that will suit your needs and your budget, but also be transparent about what their company is selling and how their mattresses perform.

Buying a mattress is tricky, but if a salesperson does not meet the criteria, the situation can only get more troublesome. A salesperson is a representative that needs to explain and present their products in a respectable way.

This is also a situation where you need to rely a bit on your hunch. If you notice that the salesperson is trying to sell something that really doesn’t fit your needs or your budget, or if this person is trying to push their “amazing” products that you actually don’t need or do not have the money for, at the end of the day they just want to sell the most expensive products or less expensive in larger quantities to earn bigger commissions. All in all, this is something you should stay away from.

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Are Refurbished Mattresses Worth Buying?

There are many places where you can buy refurbished mattresses that are actually worth buying, so we can definitely say that refurbished mattresses are something worth considering if looking for a mattress at a discounted price.

Buying such a mattress is something we should take seriously, because after all, this is a product that we will use for a long time, and because of that, the product must be reliable and something that we will enjoy using.

Before deciding to make a purchase, be sure to learn more about the company you are buying from and find more about their customers. Are they satisfied with their purchases, and does the buying process goes smoothly with this retailer? Reading other people’s reviews is also a great idea to find out how the company performs and how do they treat their customers.

If you are looking to buy a refurbished mattress online, or over a webshop, be sure to contact them via email or contact form and ask them questions if something is unclear from their side. If they have an option to have a conversation with their agent via live chat, this is even better since you won’t have to wait long to receive feedback.

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Buying a Refurbished Mattress In My Local Area

Taking a peek in your local area for refurbished mattresses is actually the best way to get a mattress in no time. Purchasing mattresses online can take a lot of time to get delivered, since most webshops are scattered around the world, and their base probably won’t be in your local area. Taking this into consideration, check your local area for mattresses and you might get pleasantly surprised.

If you manage to find a decent mattress in your local town, delivery becomes much less of a problem, and you can use this very mattress the same day.

However, if the prices are steep in your local area, it is worth checking online marketplaces for refurbished mattresses since there is a wide array of choices. If you are able to wait a couple of weeks, you can save money and have a mattress delivered right at your doorstep!

As you can see, both options have their pros and cons, but I would highly suggest first checking your local area for refurbished mattresses, and then move on to online marketplaces and compare prices between the two.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of aspects we need to consider if we want to make sure that buying out refurbished mattress is something actually worth buying. A lot of people tend to have an aversion towards refurbished mattresses, but keep in mind that if you are able to find a reputable and transparent retailer, you have nothing to worry about and most likely it is safe to buy from this source.

Inform yourself about the retailer you are planning to buy. Check their reviews, customer policy, online presence and ask them questions if you want to learn more. If a company is transparent and if they actually want to provide something of value and give their best to help people, then go for it!

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