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Introduction To Queen Size Bedding

All bed sizes have their appropriate names which represent the accurate size of the bed. On top of that, there is a difference between bed sizes for each country and continent. For example, a standard US Queen size bedding and European Queen size bedding have different measurements, but they are called the same. For that reason, we have decided to make a small guide about queen size bedding and share everything you need to know before purchasing beddings, covers or any other similar product for your queen size bed.


Of course, there are many bed sizes to choose from;  Twin size, Full size, Queen size, King size, and Super King size. Depending on where you live, different dimensions will be applied and even some bed sizes might be called a bit different. Not to worry, since it is always a good idea to look up for more information about your bed size, and all countries provide standard measurement info. Every bed size name represents an appropriate size for a particular bed. If you are not sure about what bed size you have, you can always measure the width and height of the bed, very simple.

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Queen bedding size is somewhere in the middle of the whole “bed size world”, and in many cases an ideal bed size. For that reason, there is a huge demand for Queen bed size products. The popularity of this is on the rise, and if you are looking up to change your bed, now it would be a good time.

Standard American Queen bed measures 60″ wide and 80″ long. As you can see, the queen size has space and it can fit in the medium-sized home. It is important that the bed does not take too much space in your home and causes clutter, but a queen bed can be placed in most medium and large homes and apartments without hassle.

In the US, more than 30% of bed purchases are based on the queen size, which is quite a lot. Queen bed size has definitely a place on the market, and a strong one. On our webshop, you can find beddings which support all standard US bed sizes. All products can be found on our Shop Page.


Standard UK King bed is ofter referred to as a UK Queen bed, and this bed measures 60″ wide and 79″ long. Not too big of a difference between the UK and American Queen size bed.

Australian Queen bed has the same measurements(60″ wide and 80″ long) as the American queen bed.

European Queen bed measures 63″ wide and 79″ long.

Modern queen size bedding


Like you saw earlier, the queen bed provides space and comfort. Sometimes, this might be a bit too much for just one person. Taking this into consideration, not all would find queen bed practical, especially if your bedroom is not spacy. Ideally speaking, queen size bed is more suitable for two people to sleep in. Also, it is also great to use if you are a tall person and want to have enough sleeping space.

Since more than 30% of the bed market is dominated by queen size beds, so finding the right mattresses, beddings and sheets will not be a problem. Here on Royal Beddings, we provide modern and high-quality beddings for queen size beds, so be sure to take a peek at some of our Best-Selling Beddings.

Queen bed size has many advantages, from having a lot of sleeping space to even provide enough comfort and orthopedic properties so it can support your spine and back.

On the other hand, queen size bed prices can sometimes get steep, and it requires a bit more space than the Twin size of Full-size bed.


All in all, we believe that queen size bed is an excellent choice if you wish to sleep in comfort and space and if you are ready to make such an investment. Speaking long-term, queen size bed is also recognized as a high-quality bed, and it will last for many years.

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Most importantly, we want to know what YOU think about queen size beds and if you have a bed of this type. Feel free to share with us your experiences and thoughts. The comment section is always open!

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