Is polyester waterproof

Is Polyester Waterproof?

Polyester is a type of fabric which is used in many industries, and of course in beddings. In essence, this is a relatively cheap material present in many products such as outdoor clothing, ropes, safety belts, bottles and so on. You can find it almost everywhere, but what about polyester absorption and is polyester waterproof?

Now we will talk about the difference between water-resistant and waterproof materials, and how this affects the polyester fabric and how well polyester performs in this area.

Being aware of a piece of clothing or bedding having waterproof properties is important, especially if you are planning to go out camping and spend time where water is present.

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Is Polyester Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

Polyester fabric is not considered as a breathable material, which means it is considered as water-resistant. The heat and liquid slowly pass and heavily through the material. Still, compared to organic materials such as cotton, the threads are much more firm and consistent which makes the polyester fabric a better choice if you are looking for water-resistant beddings. This also affects the durability and strength of the fabric.

As we can tell, polyester fabric is not waterproof on its own. In general, there is no such material out there that is 100% waterproof without subduing the material to a certain process which will make it completely waterproof.

This means that by increasing the thread count of the polyester fabric, the waterproof properties of this material can be improved to a certain degree. Water will move much heavier through the fabric, and will make the fabric almost completely waterproof, but not entirely.

The costs of making a completely 100% waterproof fabric are very high and unavailable for most types of clothing and beddings.

In general, polyester is considered as a water-resistant material and performs much better in this area compared to organic materials such as cotton and wool.

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External coating is also implemented in many cases to increase the waterproof percentage and improve water-resistant properties. The coating is applied on the surface to ensure protection from water and other liquids.

In other words, is polyester waterproof or water-resistant? The answer would be yes and no.

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Polyester Waterproof Fabric – Buy Or Not?

Polyester, along with nylon is one of the most popular materials for making water-resistant products. Since none of these materials is 100% waterproof on its own, the fabric has to be externally coated or a thread count must be increased in order to make it more water-resistant or to make it waterproofed. Be sure to read the label and check for waterproofed coating before buying such a product.

Polyester is also considered as a waterproofed material used for everyday purposes. Even not entirely waterproof, it provides enough protection for regular day-to-day duties, and light rain or snow will not go through the fabric. On the other hand, heavy rain or submerging the fabric underwater will make the liquid go through the fabric.

Traditional seams found on polyester fabric is what makes the problem in terms of waterproofing. The threads on its own are considered as waterproof, but the seams are not completely closed and sealed, which absorb the water.

All in all, we recommend buying polyester products in terms of buying a waterproof product, since this material has the highest probability of not making the water go through the fabric, even if the polyester is not externally coated or if it doesn’t have an increased thread count.

We recommend reading this article where you can learn more about Polyester Fabric & How It’s Made.

As you can see, this wraps up the question is polyester waterproof or not and if this is the material worth your money.


Be sure to always inspect waterproof products before making a purchase. Inform yourself about the material and what type of coating the product is using which makes it waterproof or water-resistant. Externally coated and denser thread count will ensure to make the polyester fabric waterproof, so keep an eye on that.

If you have any questions or just wish to share your thoughts with us, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below. We would love to hear from you!

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