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Polyester Sheets | Everything You Need To Know

So what exactly are polyester sheets and why are they so widespread in bed stores? If you own a bed than you are definitely using sheets as an essential piece of fabric that goes on top of your mattress. Having a comfortable, high-quality type of sheet can make your sleep much pleasant, or do the complete opposite. It all depends on the material of the sheet, thread counts and weaves. By knowing all this, we will be talking about polyester sheets and makes them a great choice, or not so great.

Polyester has a long history in terms of beddings since it is being used from the mid-20th century, but mostly in the ’80s. Since then, polyester has been on the rise in terms of comfort and budget pricing. This accessible type of material is affordable for most people, and is also easy to wash, which makes it a perfect choice for households.

Polyester is a synthetic type of fabric that is created through a number of chemical reactions. You can find polyester in many fabrics, like T-shirts, swimwear, workout gear, and of course in beddings and this leads us to polyester sheets.

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Benefits Of Polyester Sheets

As you guessed it, polyester sheets are made of polyester, usually from 100% polyester. Sometimes, this is labeled as “polyester microfiber”. If on a label you only see the title named “microfiber”, this could be a blend of polyester and nylon, which is not 100% polyester, so keep that in mind.

Pure, polyester sheets are the best one you can buy on the market if you are looking for sheets made from this type of material. Polyester sheets are very soft and comfortable to use, and also feel smooth and soft on the touch. You can also find shiny-type of sheets that are made of top-quality polyester, and they have similar visual properties like sateen.

Washing is very easy with polyester sheets, but always be sure to read the care label before moving on to the cleaning process, since some polyester sheets might differ from one of another. In general, when washing this type of sheet, you will not experience shrinkage in fabric, as you might experience with organic materials such as cotton.

Durability is also an advantage with polyester sheets and comparing it to cotton sheets, they have similar properties and strength. Damages, tears, and holes will not occur as easy compared to some other organic materials. Polyester is also less likely prone to color fading, and you can have it for years without experiencing any problems with the color.

All in all, this budget-friendly piece of textile is something definitely worth considering when buying new sheets for your bed.

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Disadvantages Of Polyester Sheets

With all the positive sides of polyester sheets, there are a few not-so-great factors we must mention.

Polyester has problems with breathability and is not known to be a breathable material on its own. What this means is that during the night while you sleep, the heat and moisture will be trapped inside the polyester.

High-quality polyester sheets manufacturers resolved this issue by using a simple weaving pattern which allows the fabric to breathe and gives the air an ability to circulate. In essence, this resolves the problem with polyester sheets, but sheets made from organic materials like linen and cotton still have the upper hand in terms of breathability and airflow.

The fabric also absorbs oil and grease, which can make some stains not so easy to remove with low-end detergents.

Polyester sheets are prone to pilling and static, which can irritate the skin if you are allergic to this type of synthetic fabric.

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Pros & Cons Of Polyester Sheets

Here, we will round up everything we know about polyester sheets, and what is good and what is not about this type of sheets.


  • Durable material that absorbs stress well on the fabric, tears, and damages in the washing machine is not likely to occur.
  • Light fabric, not as heavy as cotton.
  • Budget-friendly, one of the most affordable pieces of textiles on the market in terms of beddings.
  • Smooth, soft feeling, also very comfortable to use.
  • Washing and drying are easy to do.
  • Wrinkling and shrinkage during washing not likely to occur.


  • Breathability is an issue with low-end polyester beddings.
  • Heavy stains like oil and grease can be somewhat difficult to remove.
  • Static and pilling can cause irritations on the skin for people allergic to polyester.


As you can see, we found out that polyester sheets have more benefits and positive factors, compared to the disadvantages this type of fabric has. It is up to you to pick and buy whatever piece of sheets you find acceptable, but all in all, we highly recommend trying polyester sheets if you are not allergic to this type of material.

Be sure to read this amazing article which provides more information on the comparison between Polyester & Cotton, and find out which performs better!

We also want to hear from you, and know what you think about this type of sheet material. Let us know what you think in the comment section down below and share your thoughts with us!

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