Polyester stretch in beddings

Polyester Stretch In Beddings

We all should make our sleep comfortable and have an easy night, right? Different types of fabrics used in our bedding play a major role in ensuring having a good night’s sleep. So how does this lightweight fabric we call polyester stretch and how comfortable is it to use when we sleep? That is something we will find out in a second.

Breathability, weight, stretch, smoothness, and spread are the main factors that determine how comfortable a piece of fabric will be.

Having adaptive bedding is important since this is one of the many factors which determine the comfort of particular bedding. We can say for sure that most bedding materials out there are comfortable, but since polyester is a synthetic type of material, we will give special attention to a material like this one since synthetic materials are highly versatile and adaptive.

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How Good Is Polyester?

For starters, polyester material is one of the most widely-used materials in the world, since it is used in many products like clothing, furniture, electronics, beddings and many more. Its wide range of use allows it to be present almost everywhere. Initially, polyester was discovered in the ’40s as an alternative to cotton, since cotton was expensive at that time.

Some consider polyester to be a not very good material since it is a synthetic one, and materials like this one tend to have lower breathability and poor airflow which is important, especially with beddings. Trapped moisture can cause irritations and unpleasant smell, and this would mean that these beddings would have to be washed very often.

For years now, the structure of polyester has been upgraded and performs much better than its predecessors in terms of breathability and moisture-wicking, due to its advanced weaving and a number of micro-pores. In beddings, this allows you to keep your body dry and cool, which also means that your skin will breathe during the night.

The main advantage of polyester is its durability and quality of the fabric. It can survive years of using and washing without experiencing any tears, damages or color fading. Polyester retains its shape and look.

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Polyester stretch is something we need to mention since polyester beddings adapt really well and ensure comfort during sleep. Its shape will spread and move well on your skin, which is something always welcomed when using polyester covers.

Washing polyester beddings is very easy, and it can be done with a simple program on a commercial washing machine, but be sure to read the care label on your beddings before washing. It is also wrinkle-resistant and dries quickly. On the other hand, heavy oil-based stains and grease are somewhat difficult to remove, because of its absorption.

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Facts On Polyester Stretch

Now let us talk a bit more about polyester stretch and how stretchy it can be when used. The same rules apply to all polyester fabrics and textiles.

  1. Comfort-Designed: Polyester is designed with comfort in mind, and like many fabrics, it is allowed to stretch and adapt.
  2. 100% Polyester Retains Shape: By its nature, polyester stretches well, but it snaps back to its original form after use.
  3. Mixed Polyester Stretches Better: Polyester is known to be mixed with cotton, and this blend provides much better properties in terms of stretching. This is the case where polyester stretch is at its peak.
  4. High Temperatures Compliment Stretching: Polyester is stretchy because of petroleum, and this also makes it susceptible to heat. High temperatures will make the polyester stretch to a certain degree.

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As we can see, polyester can be found everywhere like in athletic clothing, outdoor clothing, sleepwear and beddings in general. Modern polyester beddings are breathable, durable, comfortable and budget-friendly!

All in all, if you are looking for beddings on a budget, but still care about quality and comfort, polyester is a way to go.

Let us know what you think in the comment section down below and what you think about polyester beddings and what are your experiences with it, we would love to hear from you!

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