What to do with old bed sheets

10 Ideas On What To Do With Old Bed Sheets

The easiest thing is to just throw things away if you do not need them or if they no longer have a purpose in your home. Many times, you will experience that old bed sheets will clutter your home and take precious space. So what to do with old bed sheets and how to handle such an issue? We will show you a couple of ways how to reuse them and make them useful!

If you have a pair or more than just one pair of sheets which you do not need, that is great. The more the better. Bed sheets with stains or a damaged sheet with holes will also do the trick. So, get ready to clean your closet and give those old sheets a new purpose.

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1. Curtains

With a little bit of patience and imagination, you can turn your old flat sheets into curtains that would make a nice addition to your living room or your bedroom. If you are experienced with a thread and a needle, this would be very easy to do. Of course, most of us are not savvy cloth crafters, but it is actually super easy to do make curtains out of your flat sheets in a couple of minutes.

For that reason, we will share a helpful video tutorial on how to make curtains out of your sheets which will explain everything in detail, and you will be able to craft your own pair of curtains! Just a quick tip, we recommend using a non-damaged flat sheet for this tutorial, since nobody likes to see their curtains looking like a block of swiss cheese.

You can also make shower curtains from old sheets, but keep in mind that they will not be waterproof like it is usually the case with plastic shower curtains. Sewing a waterproof backing will do the trick. If you decide to go with curtains, here is an idea of what to do with old bed sheets.

2. Ironing Board Cover

If you have an old fitted sheet somewhere stored in your house, take your time and find it, since you can use it well to cover your ironing board. Often times, this is something where we do not pay much attention and that cover we are using for an ironing board is mostly damaged or the color is completely faded.

But why not using a fitted sheet to wrap up the board, and do the ironing in style? Save some money on ironing covers and reuse your old sheet. It is super easy to make such a cover, so be sure to watch the video tutorial down below.

3. Car Maintenance

Keeping an old sheet in the trunk of your car or in the back seat will serve you in the long run, especially during a car breakdown when something goes wrong. Need to change the oil in the car? A tire just went flat and needs to be changed? Did something get spilled in the car? No problem. Your old reliable sheet is there when you need it!

This is why we always recommend having a pair of sheets somewhere stored safely in the car since you never know what might happen. Make it two pairs, just in case. If you wonder what to do with old bed sheets, here is your answer!

Group of people on a picnic

4. Outdoors & Picnics

In many cases, you don’t need a dedicated, super-high quality picnic blanket on which you can sit on. Outdoor adventures are meant to be fun, not a competition on who has a better cover to sit on. Why not using an old sheet you do no longer need and take it with you on a picnic?

If you take a larger one, your whole family and kids can use it, since bed sheets are pretty big in size. Also, they are much easier to carry and provide a more practical solution for outdoors and picnics. Keep the dirt and mud away!

A chef with an apron

5. Apron

To make a DIY apron, you do not need special education to make it happen. Use a pair of scissors, make a hole so your head fits and put it on. Cut the piece of sheet that drags around on the floor, and you are good to go! Why spend a couple of dollars on an apron that is guaranteed to get dirty, when you can do it yourself? Now you are all set to jump in the kitchen and make those Ramsay Gordon recipes!

If you are a fan of the kitchen and cooking, this is a great idea of what to do with old bed sheets.

6. DIY Bag

Shopping bags, storage bars, or just a day-to-day bag? You can do it all with your bed sheet. Since plastic is a material that heavily pollutes the planet, why not try the alternative? You can also save some money by not paying for plastic bags, and instead, use one made out of cloth. What’s even better, is that you can always carry one and not have to worry if it will break.

For all you bag fans out there here is another great idea on what to do with old bed sheets. Be sure to follow the video instructions to get the same results and to make your own bag!

7. Cleaning Rags

This one is pretty simple and probably some of you have already had old sheets used as cleaning rags. It is pretty simple to use and make, especially if you want to make them smaller. Just grab a pair of scissors and cut the fabric into squares, which will make an even piece of cloth you can use for removing stains.

The bed sheet is a large piece of fabric, and you can produce quite the number of cleaning rags. When you are done, just throw the used cleaning rag and grab a new one. It is that simple.

Sofa and decorative pillows

8. Decorative Pillowcases

You can make a pillowcase for your small, decorative pillows if your sheet is a well-designed or and in good condition. You can cut two pieces of sheets and sew them together and attach them on a pillow. Another solution would be to put the pillow immediately in between the sheets, cut the sheet around it and close it down by sewing. Give your decorative pillows a new style!

9. Kids

Kids would love playing inside a new cloth-made tent or with a doll that has a new dress and clothing. This can be made with old sheets, you just need to be creative and use your imagination. This is a great way to save some money on kids’ toys and instead of creating them a perfect place to play which involves your creativity. You cannot do a better gift for your kids than that.

Take a look at these 10 Free Sewing Patterns For Doll Clothes.

Pug in a blanket

10. Pets

Most pets do like to make a mess, so why not sometimes give them a break and let them play with your old sheets. Of course, there will be mess, but at least they will be at peace for a while. Or you can make a cloth toy for your pet by wrapping up pieces of the sheet into a big cloth ball. Cats also like toys, so be sure to make one if you have a cat. Only in a smaller size of course.


As you can see, there are many things you can do with your long-forgotten sheets and beddings. This is a list of 10 ideas on what to do with your old bed sheets, and hopefully, you will find some of these ideas to your liking. Have fun!

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If you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts with us, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below, we would be more than happy to answer!

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